About Us

At 123CarBuying.com, we believe that buying and leasing vehicles should be simple, stress-free, and fun. We have more than 25 years experience in satisfying our customers, culminating in the very best possible online car shopping experience. Despite the excitement of your automobile shopping, the reality is that car buying is often a source of unneeded stress and tension.

123CarBuying.com has taken full advantage of the digital age to create the most comprehensive search and quote process possible. We offer makes and models of vehicles at prices that simply aren’t available through a retail purchase from a dealership.

Many consumers have no negotiation strategies or ample buying power, losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their vehicle purchase. With a professional negotiator, your success rate increases tremendously, and you get to keep much more of your hard-earned money. Studies show that car purchasing experiences lead to better deals over time, but a trained, experienced negotiator gets positive results fast.This is where 123CarBuying.com steps in to remove your car buying stress. You’re hiring professionals to negotiate with auto dealerships all over the U.S. to locate the perfect vehicle at the best price for you.

The moment we receive your online or phone quote request, our team of chief negotiators goes to work to locate all vehicles that precisely match your request. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours, at which time we will collect information needed to complete your purchase or lease. Pricing and payment information will be made available at that time, so you can pick the right vehicle. Once you have made your selection, we proceed with negotiations to get the best price. Finally, sale or lease documents are prepared, you sign on the dotted line, and we arrange for pickup or delivery.

Our service is totally free to you. There are no hidden fees of any kind in the purchasing or leasing process with 123CarBuying.com – period.

By using the Free Quote form available on our website, you are in charge of what you do best as a car buyer – selecting the make, model, color, and all the other fun stuff that should be part of your choice. There’s no need to negotiate by yourself with car dealers. You simply enter all the information required to find your new vehicle, and we then become armed with everything required to deliver your most-anticipated vehicle at a price that won’t leave you with the uncertainty of whether or not you really negotiated the best deal. We take negotiating to a whole new level by cutting out all extra costs that are often times tacked on to the sale price of a vehicle. In the Digital Age, shopping for your next car, truck, SUV, or just about anything else you can drive with 123CarBuying.com is the only sensible choice. We’re so confident our team of professional negotiators and tools will work for you, we look forward to serving all your friends, family and neighbors once they hear your success story. Rest assured, we will provide them with the very same 5-star service and satisfaction you enjoyed during your quick, simple, no-stress-required journey toward your car buying experience with us.

It’s time to start locating suitable vehicles around your zip code right now. There’s no registration or account setup required – just fill out the simple auto search form or give us a call for a free quote. If you want to see results for multiple vehicles, simply complete the online form or make your request by phone for as many vehicles as interest you. We’ll send a customized quote for each vehicle you would like to see. And there’s no need to go through the process alone. We are here for you to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have during and after your car buying or leasing search. You can find everything needed to reach out to us on our Contact page.

We’re ready to help you have fun buying automobiles from now on. Let our chief negotiators work with other professionals in the auto trade industry to pursue your perfect vehicle, at a price that will leave you satisfied.